“Empowering Insight”

Sunday's Bulletin Message 8/12/2018

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Our Church's Theme for 2018, “What Would Jesus Do (or Say)?”

We're discovering the words and deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ and attempting to apply them to our lives and the lives of our families.

I hope you're already asking this question at the beginning of any decisions you are making and I'm hoping that as you do, you are honestly attempting to “trust and obey”. A great theme such as “What Would Jesus Do?” only profits those who apply what they learn. Today, we're discovering what Jesus said about following him. Matthew 16:21-28

Here's What We Learn:

1. Sometimes Christians are influenced by the Devil.

2. There's a CROSS to bear for involvement with Christ.

3. There are COMING events that will include everyone.

In addition to the message, I wanted to present the challenges we gave last Sunday Evening at our Staff/Teachers/Workers Meeting.

1. If there ever was a time you were more interested in and excited about serving Christ in this great church than you are now, please pray and ask God to take you back (and please return!) to that same interest and excitement. We need you to do this because we are NOW literally living in the greatest days of Mission Baptist Church and that interest and excitement will take us farther than ever before.

2. When God brings others to you via social media, etc...Do they discover you're a Christian? Do they see good things about your Church? Are they inspired to attend?

Together We Can,
Sr. Pastor Bill Rains

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